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The jurisdiction of the Assembly Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee spans a wide range of technology-related issues, and includes matters affecting consumer protection in both the digital and analog worlds.  Specifically, the Committee has jurisdiction over matters related to privacy, the protection of personal information (including digital information), the security of data, and information technology, as well as false advertising, charitable solicitations, weights and measures, and consumer protection generally.  The Committee is also responsible for oversight of the Department of Technology within the State's Government Operations Agency.

Ed Chau, Chair

Assembly Member Ed Chau,
Chair of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee

Kevin Kiley, Chair

Assembly Member Kevin Kiley,
Vice Chair of the Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee

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Deadline to submit is 5pm Wednesday, prior to the Tuesday hearing.

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Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee
Room 162, Legislative Office Building
1020 N Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 319-2200 phone


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